Vessel Delays

6th August, 2020

We would like to advise that due to recent bad weather in Sydney there has been ongoing berthing congestion at the port terminals. The congestion is causing vessel’s to be delayed through Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. As a result the shipping lines are adjusting port rotations to allow for the congestion, which ultimately is causing further delays.

With the vessels facing berthing issues in Australia, this is further delaying their return voyage through South East Asia. Therefore shipping lines are adjusting their sailing schedules to omit ports in a bid to get back on schedule.  

With the impending peak season and the above mentioned congestion/delays, it is advisable to provide us with your purchase orders at the earliest possible times. We recommend you add a few days to your estimated delivery times for current orders about to ship or those that are already on the water, while the shipping lines endeavour to get vessels back on schedule. 

If you have any queries or questions regarding your current shipments, please reach out to your SCC customer service representative at 



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