Suez Canal Reopens

30th March, 2021

Horns blared in celebration as the Ever Given that was blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week was freed and the waterway has been reopened to traffic.

Like all involved in International trade we are thankful that the vessel Ever Given has now been released from the Suez Canal, given many industry comments that it could take weeks this result overnight should have the least impact on the global supply chain.

There is however still likely to be a flow-on effect of this with delays at ports globally, congestion, blank sailings and rescheduled sailings albeit not to the extent had the vessel release taken several weeks. At least 113 of over 420 vessels that had waited for Ever Given to be freed are expected to cross the canal by Tuesday morning, local time. Analysts expect it could take at least another 10 days to clear the backlog on either end.

To our customers our message remains the same as it has been throughout the COVID period, please always engage with our customer service team when raising a purchase order (PO), if you are not already taking advantage our PO tracking and management system we would recommend having this discussion with our customer service and or sales team. Allow a longer lead time and continue to give consideration to what buffer stock you are requiring, with covid and now the Suez issues stock holding decisions are considerably different than the pre-COVID period.

For more detailed information on this issue and on any trade matters please make an appointment for a call with one of our very experienced team member at



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