SCC Open for business

24th March, 2020

We hope that you and your families are all doing ok at the moment.  These are certainly extremely difficult times.

We wanted to reassure you that SCC is still fully functioning in all facets at the moment. Logistics and forwarding are deemed essential services and our company, as well as our international partners, are well set to operate remotely. As well as having some additional resources in the office.

One of our biggest challenges is navigating all of the various border and service closures at the moment and we have been adopting some multi-modal and less than regular transport systems in an effort to keep our client’s cargo moving.  Airfreight in particular is proving to be quite difficult and / or costly at present because of the carrier cancellations.  Many carriers are moving to increase their freighter capacity but there are still concerns over ground handling staff’s ability to service the aircrafts due to the mandatory 14-day Quarantine requirements.

Ocean services are increasing with Chinas return to work and so the biggest issue here is staff shortages at some locations for transport and loading.  In China, our agents have the ability to help with order quality checks (under your specifications- see here for more details given the current travel restrictions.  We can cross dock to other countries (where trade restrictions allow) if that helps get your goods to other markets faster.  Now is the time to consider all options and we are well placed to review these with you.

Here in Australia, as we noted, we have all staff still working.  We have multiple transport companies at our disposal to help navigate any provider staff shortages with illness.  Similarly, should your company face a closure due to illness, we do have multiple warehouse locations across Australia where we can hold your goods until you re-open.  We also have eCommerce system set in our warehouse so we are able to help with order despatch under your direction to help keep your goods flowing wherever possible.

Our teams are working diligently to support everyone where possible and management are available 24/7 to help you as a company navigate these difficult times.  Please be patient with our teams – we understand that things are stressful and we assure you of our commitment to support you wherever possible.

Management Contacts:
Vanessa Richards –, 0438164308
Greg McKillop –, 0420241069



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