Free Trade Agreement Negotiations

28th September, 2021

Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between India and Australia

On 26 August the Ministers responsible directed officials to speed up negotiations to achieve an announcement by the end of the year on an interim agreement to liberalise and deepen bilateral trade in goods and services, and pave the way for a comprehensive agreement.

Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

On 15 June 2021, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and UK Prime Minister Johnson announced an agreement in principle to the core elements of a Free Trade Agreement between UK and Australia.

Commitments in the trade in goods chapter will include:

  • a commitment for the UK and Australia to eliminate customs duties on originating goods of the other country in accordance with the tariff elimination schedules [to be finalised]
  • a commitment on technical consultations on non-tariff measures at the request of either the UK or Australia
  • establishing a Committee on Trade in Goods
  • that Australia and the UK will share tariff preference utilisation data.

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