Empty Container Park Chaos

9th September, 2020

Sydney empty parks are now overflowing and at breaking point. We are experiencing multiple redirections after booking slots into empty park’s as per the shipping lines advice and there are currently over 100 redirections in the Container-chain and growing.

As a result of this chaos we do expect that redirection, waiting time and / or demurrage charges may be received from transport providers as they deal with the situation. The fault does not lay on the transport companies, rather a myriad of other service providers within the logistics chain that seem to be unable to provide an effective solution to avoid the unnecessary time wasting.

These problems are unfortunately in addition to the ever increasing stevedore-imposed infrastructure surcharges. Industry bodies are actively lobbying the Government on the constant increases which seem to be going ahead unabated and passed down to the ultimate importer and exporter – at a time when no company can afford to bear such additional increases. It can only be hoped that Government intervention will encourage these companies to withdraw or suspend increases.

As always we just ask that you retain as much flexibility as possible in container deliveries, unpack and collections. This will enable the transport companies to juggle loads as best as possible amongst the terminal and empty park issues. 

If you have any queries or questions regarding your shipments, please reach out to your SCC customer service representative at sales@sccargo.com.au



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