September Connected

22nd September, 2023

China Golden Week holidays

The weeklong holiday will be from October 1st to October 7th, 2023. For all importers it is important that you have engagement with your suppliers soonest, they will be closed during this period. If there are orders, you are wanting to be finished and booked prior to the holidays please share the order details with the SCC customer service team ASAP. 

This represents one of the longest public holiday periods in the Chinese calendar and is often a time when many people take the opportunity to travel and visit family. It is therefore not surprising that Golden Week can sometimes extend to 2-3 weeks of closing for some companies. Nearly all companies, government agencies, and schools will be closed for this week.

As is always the case, with these peak times we request that you give us as much notice as possible of your shipment plans so we can endeavour to secure space on your nominated vessel. Please also encourage your suppliers to make cargo available as early as possible as transport may not be accessible if they leave it too late.

We are being advised that shipping lines will be increasing blank sailings post the holiday period, this will result in fewer sailings. As production ramps up on return from holidays we are hopeful that the blank sailings will reduce, allowing for the increased peak season volumes. 

SCC and Sustainability

Southern Cross Cargo is proud to announce that we have aligned with Pledge, a renowned provider of emission measurement solutions, for our client emissions reporting. Pledge provides software solutions to empower freight forwarders to support their customers in meeting their sustainability goals. With its intuitive self-serve platform and open API, Pledge brings accessibility and transparency to freight emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting, allowing businesses to offer these services without increasing their operational costs. 
Pledge is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) for its adherence to the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework and is ISO 14083 aligned.

At the core of Pledge’s mission is the commitment to equip businesses with top-tier tools and infrastructure, fostering climate awareness and acknowledging that the path to change begins with accurate measurement. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step for Southern Cross Cargo in its pursuit to lead the way in sustainable logistics.

Recognising that measurement is a pivotal catalyst for transformative action, we share a mutual aspiration to drive change within the logistics industry. With Pledge’s accreditation and comprehensive global reach, SCC gains access to cutting-edge technology that enable precise measurement of emissions across various transport modes. 

By accessing these technological advancements of Pledge, SCC aims to inspire others to follow suit, fostering a collective movement towards a greener and more responsible future in the world of logistics.

For more information about Pledge:

BMSB Season has commenced

The key measures for importers for the 2023-24 season are:

  • The season will apply to goods shipped between 1 September 2023 and 30 April 2024. DAFF will use the Bill of Lading Shipped on Board date to determine when goods have been shipped.
  • Target Risk Countries remain unchanged other than the addition of Uzbekistan.
  • The inclusion of United Kingdom as an emerging risk country – random inspections will apply to goods shipped between 1 December and 30 April.
  • The inclusion of China as an emerging risk country – random inspections will apply to goods shipped between 1 September and 31 December.
  • Target High Risk and Target Risk Goods remain unchanged.
  • The mandatory treatment of Break Bulk shipments (including flat racks and open top containers) and Target High Risk goods offshore remains.
  • The 120 hour shipping for break bulk and sealing for containers remains.

If you require guidance, please contact our customs team on

SCC eCommerce facility

We are pleased to be implementing another new customer into our purpose-built eCommerce 3PL facility. Like many that have commented with us previously, the key reason for them to come on board is to free up time to concentrate on product development, sales, and marketing. The time taken to manage their logistics needs has stifled growth, by using our facility time will again be available for them to focus on the growth of their business. At SCC you only pay for what you use, so storage on the stock held and services fees for the goods picked. If you are holding onto an under utilised facility, it is a good time to consider freeing yourself from the burden and costs, if you would like to realise the benefits of SCC managing your logistics please contact us on

Panama Canal Drought

The Panama Canal is experiencing a 20-year drought with relief not in sight, for shipping this is posing some transit problems as the lower water levels are delaying vessel transits through the canal. At one stage there was 160 vessels queued to pass through the canal, this number has reduced in recent days. With the Panama Canal being pivotal to International trade, the continuing drought will see increased delays on vessels passing through. We all recall the delays on another key canal, the Suez Canal was blocked by the Ever Given vessel in 2021, also being a key trade lane which caused significant backlogs to International trade. We will monitor this situation and keep you advised of any extensive delays.



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