SCC aligns with Pledge

18th September, 2023

Southern Cross Cargo is proud to announce that we have aligned with Pledge, a renowned provider of emission measurement solutions, for our client emissions reporting. Pledge provides software solutions to empower freight forwarders to support their customers in meeting their sustainability goals. With its intuitive self-serve platform and open API, Pledge brings accessibility and transparency to freight emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting, allowing businesses to offer these services without increasing their operational costs. 

Pledge is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) for its adherence to the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework and is ISO 14083 aligned.

At the core of Pledge’s mission is the commitment to equip businesses with top-tier tools and infrastructure, fostering climate awareness and acknowledging that the path to change begins with accurate measurement. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step for Southern Cross Cargo in its pursuit to lead the way in sustainable logistics.

Recognising that measurement is a pivotal catalyst for transformative action, we share a mutual aspiration to drive change within the logistics industry.  With Pledge’s accreditation and comprehensive global reach, SCC gains access to cutting-edge technology that enable precise measurement of emissions across various transport modes. 

By accessing these technological advancements of Pledge, SCC aims to inspire others to follow suit, fostering a collective movement towards a greener and more responsible future in the world of logistics.

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