April Connected

26th April, 2024

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our April edition of Connected, it is always fantastic to kick off with some good news in the logistics space, a few significant staff promotions and BMSB season finishes on 30th April.

SCC Staff Promotions

We are very pleased to announce a couple of significant promotions within SCC.

The focus at SCC is to develop our team and provide opportunities for everyone, working bottom up from within SCC we are developing pathways for our staff.

Congratulations to Aaron De Luca, our newly appointed QLD Branch Manager, and Mark Kleidon our newly appointed National Operations Manager.

Both Aaron and Mark have landed naturally into these roles, success for each comes from their easy ability to engage with staff, clients, and service providers.

Importantly as we continue to scale SCC through digital enhancement and staff training each are very comfortable with change and willing to take the lead roles required to bring the SCC team along with them.

Both Aaron and Mark are looking forward to sharing their time and experience with our customers and the SCC team. aaron@sccargo.com.au and mark@sccargo.com.au

We will have a more detailed profile on Aaron and Mark soon.

Please be advised that BMSB 23-24 season ends 30th April 2024

Whilst it is not much reprieve from the costs and additional lead times that BMSB season brings along we will gladly take the 3 months break from this program.

Thank you to all our overseas freight partners who have diligently managed our important customers shipments that were subject to BMSB fumigation requirements. Similarly, many FCL containers were fumigated on arrival to Australian ports, these were managed by 3rd party providers who also did a wonderful job in ensuring the fumigation was conducted in the most efficient manner.

SCC updated STC’s

Our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions of Contract (STC’s) have changed and will take effect from 18 March 2024. A copy of the updated (STCs) is available by clicking through to the link below:

Updated Standard Trading Terms and Conditions of Contract – Southern Cross Cargo (sccargo.com.au)

SCC warehouse team implements new WMS

We are pleased to announce, our Brisbane warehouse team has implemented a new warehouse management system (WMS).

With every initiative and enhancement, we make at SCC it must past a few key tests.

Does it give back time to our customers and is it more efficient for our staff?

Our new WMS in our e-commerce facility passes the tests with flying colours.

Great work SCC warehouse team!!

China Ocan Freight Update

Shipping lines have implemented a significant number of blank sailings during the month of April, to date 450,000 TEU positions have been taken out of the China to AU trade lane, for reference a TEU equals 1 x 20’ GP. This reduction in space has allowed shipping lines to maintain rates at a higher level than what we might have otherwise seen post Chinese New Year. Indications are this will continue throughout May.

As always, to allow the SCC team and overseas partners to manage your orders in the most efficient manner we really would like your orders at least two weeks prior to them being ready. The earlier the better.

Space will continue to be tight whilst the shipping lines maintain this number of blank sailings, your support with early notice as possible helps all of us with the best booking for your important orders.



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